Friday, April 9, 2010

40 Days of Painting: Tactical Squad

The original list for my 40 Days of Painting consisted of 2 Tactical Squads.  Well, I completed 1 of them so far here they are!
For the most part, this is a very simple tactical squad.  A few old metal models with new arms (though the guy with the knife and bolter has old arms...I wanted to make a model that looked like the old school Rogue Trader plastics).  The Plasma Rifle tactical has a very modest conversion...I attempted to raise up the plasma rifle so it looks like he's aiming it.  I used an old tutorial I found on Bolter and Chainsword that was pretty kick ass.

The lesson learned here is that not only for you need to adjust the wrists, you should also consider adjusting the joins at the shoulder.  He looks great from the front, but from the top, he looks like he's holding that plasma as far from his face as possible!

Oh noes!  Cawshis is cheating!  His tactical squad has a meltagun model as well.  No!  I'm not cheating.  I must have snapped this shot with the meltaguy instead of a tactical.  I'll make up for it with the other tactical squad in the contest, I guess!  The melta model is an older one, but I loved his face so much I highlighted it.

Lastly is my Tactical Sgt.  He's got a magnetized banner pole (for ease of storage and less chance of breaks).  At first I hated banners, but now I kind of want all my special marines to have one.
Another old model that I love and I'm so happy to finally have put a decent paintjob on.  He's got new weapons and a new plasma, but his helmet barely fits in his neckguard.  Awesome.

I'll be applying transfers next, but I'm going to wait until I get the microsol and apply in a huge batch.  More to come!  I hope folks enjoy these additions to the Crimson Fists!

40 Days of Painting Status Update:   
Less than 1 days left...31  points complete.  Still ahve to finish those tactical marines.  Might. Not. Make it.  Tomorrow we all get together for Kill Team games and paying of debts by losers and huzzahing (hating) on the winners.  I'm definitely going to finish these guys though, so expect pictures of the rhinos and the tacticals soon!

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