Thursday, April 1, 2010

40 Days of Painting: Assault Squad

This past weekend I was at PAXeast.  So the week before, I was working like crazy so I could leave to a game convention without any guilt.  Instead, I transferred that guilt to not updating folks!

Anyways, I'm finally putting up some completed pics.  I finished this unit so long ago, it's silly it took me 3 weeks to post them.  Here is 5 Assault Squad members painted in your standard Crimson Fist colors.  Or nonstandard!  I wanted to see what a little drybrush of ultramarine blue did to the models.  Lightened them up a bit, but that's okay.

Flamer Assault squad member.  This is an older metal model (I have no idea from when!).  Even the Jump Pack is metal!  Lots of nifty details on this guy and I decided to paint his skin a darker color.  I wish the skin hadn't come out so shiny (I'm guessing that was from the washes), but I'm hoping when I get around to the finish, the skin will tone down.  Also, Hand Flamer!  I love hand flamers and I am very disappointed that only the new Blood Angels have access to them.

I'll save that rant for another day though.  Instead, more assault squadies!
Since I wanted to complete there guys as quickly as possible, I didn't do anything fancy here.  Bases are very straight forward and color scheme is very simple.  I may go back and do a few touch ups here and there (I don't really like the Black Templar badge for example), but these guys are tabletop ready!

40 Days of Painting Status Update:   
Less than 7 days left...20  points complete.  Have to highlight both rhinos and 10 tacticals in such a short amount of time.  Also, I need to paint all the actually, I have only 10 points.  Damn you PAX! 

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