Wednesday, April 14, 2010

40 Days of Painting: Failure and a new contest!

I owe a few pictures for the 40 Days of Painting contest, but I thought I'd let folks know that I lost.  Mainly cause I didn't paint a single Tactical model on Friday night before the deadline.  The winner, Viper (on nerdnyc) had won in the first few days and received the gift certificate and our grudging admiration.  If I could paint half as fast as him, I'd have 6 incomplete armies instead of a measly 3!  There was a second place prize that I also did not win...but I could have scored if I had completed my tacticals.  Curse my laziness!

No big deal though!  Worst result out of this contest is that I'm out $10 and I've added another 1000 points of painted Crimson Fists to my collection.  In fact...that's not a bad deal at all!  I had a great time trash talking folks online and getting models painted under a deadline is great motivator.  I mean...even if you don't win the grand still win those painted models, right?  Right???

Speaking of contests, Terrain from Junk is holding a terrain building contest and I've decided to join.  Which means I have 15 short days to pull together a 6x6 piece of terrain, take pictures (normally my undoing) and send them along to that fantastic (and fledgling) blog.  Go over there and comment!  DIY Terrain is a dying art!  Revitalize it!  With the power of junk!!!

I'll post updates as I go.

Step 1: Gather the materials!
More to come.  This will eventually be a Fuel Storage silo turned bastion.  It's going to be awesome.  I make terrain way better than I convert/paint models. It's like a secret skill I have.  Maybe it's why I enjoy basing models so much. 


Tristan said...

Looking forward to seeing your entry, also, when you get a sec can you send me an email so I get your email address? Mine is in my profile.

scdarkangel said...
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