Monday, March 1, 2010

I'm back and 40 days of Painting ahead!

So after a too long hiatus, I'm back. I could post a litany of, life, laziness, etc...but suffice it to say, I've missed posting and been aching to get back to it.

Over at NerdNYC, I've entered into a "contest" of sorts.  We're all putting some money in a pot and the challenge is simple:  40 points worth of minis in 40 days.  I have lots of minis just sitting on the shelf, assembled and unpainted, so I pulled a bunch down and I've decided to get these done!

 Thirteen points:  2 Rhinos (5 each) and 6 Sternguard at 1/2 point each (since I've already started them).


Twenty-seven points. 5 Assault of which is a very old assault marine equipped with a very old hand flamer (which is simply a flamer in play).  Terminator with Chainfist and 20 Tactical Marines.  A lot of these guys are older Metal models with newer arms and bolters (though some have old bolters too!).  I really emptied my "old bits" box to assemble these guys and I'm happy with how they turned out. Lastly, I made a Jump-Pack equipped Captain using various bits from various sets.  He's been put on a resin (I think!) base I received in a trade not long ago.  I wanted this Captain to stand out a bit and also be about the same height as my Vanguard and the resin base was perfect for it.

I made some minor conversions here and there and I'll try to highlight them in the future as I paint up the models. I'm excited to be back painting and modeling again!  Stay tuned (for more regular posting!).

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Tristan said...

Good to see you back Cawshis, best of luck in your competition!