Saturday, April 24, 2010

"The "Pay It Forward" Super Blog Chain Give Away" (part 2)

The give-away feeling at Santa Cruz Warhammer is fairly infectious.  The excitment of the prize, the daydreaming as you post...and then that email that says "You've won.  Pay it Forward!"

It's a small thrill, but a wonderful one nonetheless and one I'd like to share with my own readers (and new visitors to my blog!).  So I'm having a contest!  Just like SCWH's Pay it Forward contest!

The prize?  Three Eldar War Walkers still on the sprue.  I'll never do anything with them and it'd be nice to send them to a great Eldar home.  This means, the winner will receive, by mail, the sprues to make 3 walkers (minus 1 decorative piece), 3 large bases and 3 glass canopies.  Oh!  And 3 sheets of transfers!  It's as if you time traveled back to when the Eldar were released and purchased a War Walker Squadron cause you thought you'd like to make an Eldar army!
 The rules for the contest are simple...and copied verbatim from SCWH:

1. you must have a blog.
2. you must have something worthwhile to offer up to give away for free.
3. if you win, you must hold your own blogsite give away using the same rules to pay it forward.
4. you must contact us with a link to your give away so we can send bloggers to your site.
5. you may only enter once per give away.

To enter.
leave a comment to this post as follows.
1st sentence, why you need the prize.
2nd sentence what you will give away on your blog to pay it forward.

I will choose the winner based on how convincing they are and what they offer to the next winner.

The winner will be announced this coming Friday night 9pm EST!
Be clever!  Be witty!  Be greedy!  Be crazy!  Be awesome!


Admiral Drax said...

What a smashing idea!

Please don't count me in for this one, as I've nothing to give at the mo(!) and no use for warwalkers, but I really love the sentiment here. Good luck, everyone!

Faolain said...

I'll bite. I need those War Walkers because I'm kind of tired of my Eldar force as it is. I want to try something new, like a 3-strong outflanking War Walker squadron, pumping out loads of shots into rear armor (preferably with guide, a JB Farseer would help). It may not be super competitive but it's something you don't see every day and my throw my opponent for a loop.

I'll be giving away a classic 2nd edition Screamer Killer Carnifex. I assembled it but it is unpainted. I've had it for a while and though I do like the model I can't decide what to do with it, convert, add it to my force as is, I don't know. With my full project backlog it's going to sit on the back burner for a while and I think it can have a better home.

Rusty Dice said...

If I win this prize, I will give away the model created by my upcoming Primarch-building tutorial. There is a poll on the site to determine which Primarch is going to be made. Currently Alpharius is in the lead.

If I win this prize, god help me, I'll paint them green and white in the glorious colours of Biel-Tan.

B.Hudson said...

Great to see you won!!!

I'm doing a "Pay it forward on my blog, too, for a Venerable Dread. You can take a peak at

There's just 1 day left and I only have 4 entrants, so everyone rush over and join!

B.Hudson said...

Well, since my Venerable Dread will be given away by the time the contest is over, let me take a crack at this:

1. I need these to start a kick ass Eldar Army.

2. As far as a new giveaway, how about a new in box set of Legion of the Damned?? That might do someone some good!

This Pay it Forward really shows that the 40K community is the best, hands down.

Old School Terminator said...

I need these warwalkers to make into slaaneshi lust rides that will make the Warp and the blogging community quiver with their evil seductive ways! Sis I mention it would be evil?

I will give away a Dreadnought painted in the scheme of my winner's choosing with a 40k codex weapons layout of their choosing. I will feature the conversion on my blog and will link their blog and the future of this chain givaway.

Gyro said...

Can I lobby for a winner? Probably not, but my vote's for the Slaaneshi Lust Riders, just 'cause they sound cool!

Great concept, let's keep it going!

theteamblogger said...

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I will give away a Dreadnought painted in the scheme of my winner's choosing with a 40k codex weapons layout of their choosing.