Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Terrain Tuesday +1: Last chance to vote for me!

 There are only 5 days left of voting over at the first ever Terrain From Junk Contest! I entered a rusty old fuel depot turned bastion.  I figured any tall structure in a besieged city would be fortified in some way, so I thought, "why not make it serve as a bastion as well?" TfJ had a few rules (you can read here) that I followed and I managed to pull the whole thing together from start to finish in about two weeks.  Must have not been working very hard.

Unfortunately, in the midst of making this terrain piece, my original computer crashed and I lost the majority of my WIP pics. I've now learned not to delete pics from the camera until I've made my back ups, but for this round of Terrain Tuesday+1, there are no WIP shots.
This is the only picture of the bits used that I have.  In the back, I used cereal box cardboard for the detailing on the Coffee Can.  I also used it to make the sidewalk tiles and the rivets for extra detailing.  Cereal box cardboard rules!  I've used it before on my DIY Drop Pods way back in the day and I'll probably use it again. It's cheap, abundant and doesn't look half-bad painted!
Also included in the picture is foam core...which every terrain maker knows about, so I won't get into it here. This was used for basing. The original plans for the oil drum was to have stairs going up to a second floor, but I scrapped the landing in the interest of time.  For bits, I used various pieces from various sets (you can see an ammo box in a pic or two and the ladder came from a hobby train accessory set), along with a generator/pipe line from the IMEX Chemical Plant terrain set. The set I bought had extra pipes/drums but no platform pieces, so I can't recommend them based on quality control...but the pieces themselves make for great pipework detailing.  I wish I had found a way to use more of the set in this piece!

Not pictured is the styrofoam tiles used to create the rubbled wall and the sculpting clay used to create the sandbags on top of the structure.  Various materials assembled to form a piece of terrain worth fighting for!
On my long list of Terrain Tuesday projects, I plan to make a second Fuel Drum Bastion to compliment my first one and also to slowly convert my City-table into an Industrial Warzone table. I've kept the template I used to create all the details, so assembly should be fast enough that I can take pictures again!

Thanks for looking!  Now please head over to the contest site and vote for my piece or if you like flamekebob's piece better, by all that way! Participation is the key to enjoying this hobby after all.