Wednesday, March 25, 2009

On the Bench: Drop Pods

Special Request Edition: GWPertinent asked to see my DIY Drop Pods. I aim to please!

Months (okay, like 2 years) ago, Santa Cruz Warhammer posted a link to a template for making your own Drop Pod. They then made a Dark Angel one and posted the step by step. The drop pod was so awesome, I thought that not only did I need that drop pod in my life...I needed 3 of them. GW didn't offer a plastic drop pod kit at the time (I think it was released the summer of '08?), so I downloaded the templates, printed enough to make 3 pods and got crackin'. For materials, I used foamcore and cereal box cardboard. I *really* cheaped out on these pods cause I was saving money for more Dark Angels!

I used the pin method to transfer the templates to the foamcore, played connect the dots and then spent a ludicrous amount of time cutting and fitting all the pieces. Unfortunately, I don't have a shot of all the cereal box cardboard, but trust me when I say that I eat a LOT of cereal and used a lot of cardboard. Cereal box cardboard is great for detailing buildings and drop pods. Not as good as plastic card, but much cheaper.

Two nearly-completed pods. They need rivets and engines. If you compare to the Santa Cruz one, you can tell I skimped on some details...I just couldn't bring myself to cut MORE cardboard after having cut enough for 3 pods. Bit off more than I could chew I guess. Ten points to whoever can identify the cereal box I used! I'm in the states, so this may not be fair to those readers across the pond.
Here is the obligatory Rhino comparison shot. It's hella-big and blocks some serious LOS! They aren't anywhere near perfect and some lines are a little off...but for less than 12 bucks for 3, I really can't complain!

After the release of the Space Marine Codex, I thought I'd give these pods to the Crimson Fists. Dark Angels pay 15 more points a pod and don't even benefit from the Drop Pod assault rule. The one issue: The Dark Angels insignia. I considered ripping them off, but decided against it. Maybe the Crimson Fists won them in a bet from the Dark Angels or something.

I've actually added scratchbuilt engines and started painting them in Crimson Fist colors. I'll try and get a post up soon!


eriochrome said...

My pods are cheap.

You put a lot of effort into those and effort does not come cheap. My pods are actually sand castle molds with some holes covered in mesh. I needed ~ 10 for an Apoc game and they ran ~1 dollar each. They were actually painted unlike the rest of my army.

sovietspace said...

Great work mate, they look really effective. By the way, I demand more photos of your Dark Angels, they look great!

Admiral Drax said...

Well done you!

I like these a lot.

- Drax.

Tristan said...

Good stuff mate, yours look really good. Wasn't so happy with my first attempt, so I plan to use plastic card and stuff for my next.

ps. Frosted Flakes :)

Cawshis Clay said...

While I agree that effort isn't cheap, I find it's easier to justify spending 4-5 hours on DIY Pods than spending the money on plastic ones!
Your pods came out looking great and I'm a bit jealous that you have 10! Very creative and the size really is spot on.

@Tristan and Drax
Thanks for the positive comments! I'll try and post the painted versions soon.

Stay tuned! Once my CF LRC is complete, I plan to return to my Dark Angels. The sad part is that even that nice rhino is still WIP. One more level of highlights is needed!

Cawshis Clay said...

ps. Tristan scores 10 points. :)

The 25mm Warrior said...

That's impressive, practically looks like the model!

-come over to and vote for what you want me to do next!-

Jorge said...

Hi, I'm looking for the templates of this SM Drop Pod but the link at Santa Cruz Warhammer page is not working any more. Can you help me sending the templates by email to Thanks