Monday, March 16, 2009

Crimson Fist Objectives

Being part of the FTW has many awesome benefits. Not the least of which is seeing the work of so many other talented 40k hobbyists and taking inspiration from them on a daily basis! I saw Admiral Drax's fine Imperial Guard objectives and MasterDarksol's Eldar objectives and I decided I should get around to finishing my own objectives for my home table.

First three were ones I made months ago just as a side project but never finished...they'll probably look familiar to anyone who owns the Cities of Death expansion:

"Ammunition Dump":

Simple ammo boxes and bolters. Nothing all that fancy here! This is all battlefield accessories bits with 2 space bolters tossed in.

"Fuel Dump"

Fuel Drums
Again. Nothing out of the ordinary here. The drums are from the battlefield accessories kit. The jerry-cans are either from a vehicle set or my bitz box. The large oil drum is from a 99cent-store construction-themed toy set.


I wanted to have some sort of holy ground to fight over so I thought a shrine would work. I carved the rocks out of packing foam and carved a little slot to stick a skull inside. I then figured it would get seals and banners and all that good stuff.

The next two I made after seeing Drax's post! I felt really inspired (who knew an Imperial Guard commander could act as a muse!?!) so I really went a little crazy making these!

To start, I need the objective bases. To make things simple for my games, the obj bases are ~3 inches across so that you can almost eyeball who's in range to claim it and who isn't (you've got probably 2-inches around it to claim!). I used a large flying stand to create the circles on my foamcore:

Then I cut the circles out an angle with my exacto:

The nice thing about cutting it while it is still in the foamcore is that I get that table-blending slope without having to cut it out later. It also widens the base slightly since I cut out from the circle instead of straight or towards the center of the circle.

Now I've got the two bases ready to go, I'll layout my plan and look at it before gluing/committing:

Imperial Pilot WIP
The first objective is meant to represent an Imperial Agent or Pilot hiding in a ruined building corner. He's placed a beacon to signal for help and now he's waiting for pick-up (or maybe an Ork to bash his head if they get their first!). This can also double as a Observation Post for Cities of Death. Any player worth their salt could probably call out the bits used here: Cities of Death walls, terminator teleport beacon and the pilot from Battle for Maccrage.

Next up, after reading some of the terminator fluff in the SM codex, I thought it would be cool to lay out a badly damaged terminator in rubble…his shoulder Crux representing a prize to whatever army claimed it (and the honor of his chapter when they recover it!). As I was laying this servant of the emperor out, I thought it would be cool to include a half-cross and then added in a half-circle bit to add in a halo. He's a fallen saint now (hopefully it'll come out when I paint it!)
A lot of bits were laid out for this obj: Body and head from terminator set, battlefield accessories, legs from Dark Angel set, some CoD cut-offs and bitz box grabs. I had some old metal (lead!) termie lightning claws that I'll never use, so I added them in here:

Dead Termie WIP
Once I liked the position of everything, I moved to laying out the real foundation and gluing it all to the base:

Imperial Pilot Obj 3q View
You can see I cut down the ruins a bit as I thought the original was too tall. Now that I look at the picture, I may have cut it down too low! I might drill in some holes to add wires with foam/concrete blocks on it to add a little bit more height. I used sculpting clay to buildup the base. One trick is to use some white glue on the base, add the clay to get a great bond. Then jam in pieces with some more white glue. I do this because the clay doesn't really having any bonding properties to hold anything buy itself....but white glue works wonders!

Here's the model's eye view:

Imperial Pilot Obj
I was smart enough not to glue in the teleport homer for painting purposes…but silly me…I glued in the pilot. I might break him off for painting and then repair before I prime it.

Dead Termie Detail
My fallen saint terminator! I'm really happy with the way this came out. The terminator is removable right now so I can paint him separately. I cut and repositioned the leg to look like he fell back into some rubble. I also drilled and carved in some battle damage into the suit. I'm considering adding more. It should take a lot to topple a terminator from the Crimson Fists!

Next, I'll be flocking the rubble/gravel/sand to match the first 3 objectives. Then onward to painting! Knowing my painting habits, I'll probably get the first 3 done long before I finish the last two. But I don't know! Since I started this blog I already feel more productive. I appreciate any feedback! Also, I'd love to see more objectives that others use in their games. Seize and Hold is probably my favorite mission in 40k.

edit 3/17 - Added Master Dark Sol's Eldar Objectives! Very nice work!


oni said...

Very nice. I particularly like the shrine.

Admiral Drax said...


And thanks for the comments. I particularly like the shrine too, but oni seems to have got there first!

- Muse.

RonSaikowski said...

Cool stuff, you never see a fallen Terminator for an Objective... very nice.

The Inner Geek said...

The shrine is nice, the idea will likely be stolen by me. The figure from Battle for Macragge I also have. I've always thought he might make a good objective, and you've proven it!

But the tops is the terminator. I think if you are careful that might be one of the better objective markers I've ever seen! I think the idea of the pseudo cross behind him and the gear making a halo are just completely sweet. I'd paint everything (at least on the base) dirty and/or grimy, but the halo I'd leave 'miraculously' clean and shiny!

VoidLord said...

That terminator objective is very cinematic to me. That is what makes it so great! Objective markers are always a fantastic touch to pimp out your army.

Cawshis Clay said...

Thanks for all the great comments!

@Inner Geek
You read my mind! I'm planning on minimizing any metallics to only the Gear to really show off the halo. Appreciate the kudos!

I'm with you! Objectives are a real chance to add some cinema to the game. I'm glad you like them!

HuronBH said...

Great looking objectives. I would have to say my favorite is the fallen terminator but I also like the stone shrine with the skull in the alcove.

One thing though, and maybe it is just a personal preference, but I am not sure I like that you let the basing material go all way down the bottom edge of the bases. Personally I have always liked the rim on the bases of my models and objectives because I feel it acts sort of like black lining to separate the model or object on the base from the table. It helps it stand out more I think. Just something to think about though.

Again great job.

Chris said...

Nice work! I'm going to shamelessly rip off your fallen terminator idea for one of my CSM markers :)