Monday, March 23, 2009

My workbench overflow-eth.

It seems like a standard habit when blogging about the hobby is to update folks with "what's on the bench" so we can all share the pain of having too many minis in progress. I know I have far too many minis in various states of progress.

To begin with, I've been working on my Crimson Fist Land Raider Crusader which will bring my final army list up to 2000 points. Eventually, I'll want to add units of Sternguard, Vanguard, Pedro Kantor and a Vindicator, but I'm in no rush to add to the Crimson Fists since I've just started playing with them (and I'm 2-1 so far). I've also got 3 DIY Drop Pods on the bench awaiting highlights.

I've also been slowly working on my objectives. The shrine is finished and I'm painting the ammunition dump and fuel drums at the same time (since they are so simple). Expect an update before March is up on those 3.

My two HQ units, nowhere near done...but prepped for battle anyway.

I can't decide if I want to go back to working on my Tau...lots of units there could be painted: Both my HQ Shas'Os need painting, 20 Kroot, 3 Pirahnas and 2 Sniper Squads are all based and ready for their colors as well.

Dark Angels,WIP
Deathwing Assault Squad, bases done..models ready for bones colors.
Or maybe I want to return to my beloved Dark Angels...lots of units on the workbench there as well: 10 Deathwing Termies in various states, a basecoated tactical squad, 2 rhino chassis (with magnetized options for predator, whirlwind) with options basecoated. And 6 Ravenwing bikes still all WIP!

For 2009, I think I'm making a hobby resolution: Clear the workbench before buying any Imperial Guard. As much as I've always wanted to field the Guard (and I think I can finally paint them), I think I need to really take a chunk out of all the unassembled, unpainted, unloved minis I have collecting dust in my closet. Who knows...maybe I'll ebay some just to get to the Imperial Guard faster!


Anonymous said...

Suggestion: don't use that salsa to paint your Tau. Use paint instead.

Cawshis Clay said...

It was the only good picture I could find of my Tau! Isn't that sad? I feel sad for my Tau!

Tristan said...

Would love to see pics of DIY drop pods dude.