Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Super Blog Chain Giveaway!
Just a quick administratum post letting my readers know about the two new SBCG contests going on. 
What?  Two contests, you say?  Your eyes do not deceive you!  Dark Future Games decided to double down on the prize and choose two winners.  Which is going to create 2 more winners.  And eventually the 2 blog chains will cross streams and the universe will end, but until then, let's enjoy the ride!
In case you haven’t been following, here are the prizes and winners so far in this esteemed contest developed by Santa Cruz Warhammer:
So far prizes given/to be given away:
Santa Cruz Warhammer - 2 Winsor Newton Brushes, Brush Cleaner, Bin of Best Damn Basing Sand Ever (tm)
Adepticus Prime - 3 New Eldar War Walkers
Dark Future Games - A Custom-Dreadnaughts, winner's choice conversion/weapons/chapter!
Team Snake Eyes- A NEW Transport Vehicle of Winner’s Choice
Tales From the Warzone – A NEW Troop Box of Winner’s Choice

Now if the prizes aren’t enough for you to consider entering, consider for a moment the folks that will now visit your blog!  Before this contest, I had never even heard of Team Snake Eyes or Tales from the Warzone…but just linking off Dark Future, I visited, followed and will now watch for updates.   That’s community building and getting more folks connected.  The prize is now officially icing on the cake!
Check out the links and enter!  And follow these blogs!  Both look great!

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