Monday, May 3, 2010

Administratum: Contests! Contests! Flesh Tearers!

Just in case you missed the comments in my last post, Old School Terminator over at Dark Future Games is continuing the Super Blog Chain Giveaway contest.  The direct link is right here.  Head over there and enter!  Deadline for submissions is May 10th.  I'd enter myself if I could...his prize of a Winner's Choice converted Dreadnaught is not only cool, it's exactly the sort of prize no one could say no to! 

So far prizes given away:
Santa Cruz Warhammer - 2 Winsor Newton Brushs, Brush Cleaner, Bin of Best Damn Basing Sand Ever (tm)
Adepticus Prime - 3 Eldar War Walkers
Dark Future Games - 1 Dreadnaught, winner's choice conversion/weapons!

Please enter!  It's a great way to drive folks to see your blog and a great way to showcase your talent for creative prizes/ideas!  Plus...who doesn't like a good contest?  I know I love 'em.

Speaking of contests, as I mentioned previously, I had planned to enter the Terrain From Junk contest...and unlike previous attempts to finish on time, in this case, I finished my Coffee Can masterpiece:

Head on over there and vote for me!  Or the other entry if you like it better.  It's a great entry and I'm honored to be part of the competition. Most importantly, it got me working on terrain and finishing a project! A word to folks out there mulling over various projects...contests help inspire and get things done!  Don't be afraid to to participate!

Lastly, as I hinted at over on SCWH, I have started a Flesh Tearers Marine force.  I don't know why, but something diminished-strength Marine chapters struggling to survive really makes me want the army.  My Crimson Fists are somewhere around 4000 points painted, so I think I can afford a small FT strike-force, right?

I bought a Battleforce, a Death Company box and 2 San-Guard boxes.  I figure I can make everything I need for a 1100 point force from those boxes.  So look for posts soon on the Flesh Tearers!  Anyone else start up a BA force?


scdarkangel said...

I just thumbed through the new codex, and I must admit, I am tempted, but I can't commit.

Santa Cruz Warhammer

Cawshis Clay said...


I blame you and your Superblog Giveaway for this one! You offered brushes...brushes that would be perfect to start up on my Flesh Tearer force.

And I won the contest. So I just HAD to get the Flesh Tearers. Woot!