Friday, May 14, 2010

It Begins: Flesh Tearers!

As mentioned previously, I’ve decided to add a newly minted Flesh Tearers force to my ever growing numbers of armies!  A Battle Force box, 2 San Guard boxes (the second one is for the bits) and a Death Company box is a good start, I think.  I figure this will give me 1k points and I can always add a Baal Predator later.  The interwebs are all a buzz regarding the Priests, so I may need to make a few of those at some point as well.  But for now, I’m setting down a core list to build around.

I love the new Death Company and Sanguinary Guard models.  The improvements GW has made to their molding/sprue process is very evident in this latest release.  I’m not just talking about the exquisite detail either!  I think whoever laid out the bits on the sprue took careful consideration of where mold-lines might show up and adjusted accordingly.  On top of that, they redesigned some flawed layouts…like the Jump Packs.  Don’t understand what I’m saying here?  Assemble a jump pack from the Assault Squad box.  Then put together one from Death Company.  The revised layout not only allows tons of detail, but it also makes assembly great!
Whenever I get a new project, I get crazy with organization.  I live in a modest NYC apartment, so I can’t leave out tons of WIP stuff for too long or else the place gets cluttered.  And with 2 cats and a wife, things may get eaten (by the cats) or accidentally shifted (by the wife).  So I clip all the bits I plan to use to make a squad and drop them into a bin to keep them organized.  DSCN2898From there, I clean up each model individually, decide on the pose using blue sticky-tack and proceed to glue!  My first project is a 10 man Assault Squad…that counts as a Troop choice.  5 are in the box right now. The Death Company plus the Battle Force box gives me all the Assaulters (and jump packs) I need.  One complaint is that the Death Company Box doesn’t have the jump pack torsos.  I’ll dig them out of the bitz box to cover it, which will leave the DC torsos for my actual Death Company unit.DSCN2902The Sarge pre-assembly.  The Thunder-hammer bits are so sexy I can’t help but use them right away.  I might buy another set just to use it on a Crimson Fist Vanguard model.
DSCN2921The Sarge nearly assembled.  I didn’t glue the TH just yet as I wanted to be sure I could reach all the fiddly bits for painting.  He’ll be leading 9 more Flesh Tearers.  Or maybe he’ll just be leading 4 more and I’ll make a second Assault squad with a Power Fist.  I’m undecided and the army list is still in flux.  So many options!

Anyone else starting up a Blood Angels or related chapter force?  I'm scouring the webs now for Flesh Tearer painting guides...test models to be done soon!


Tristan said...

"And with 2 cats and a wife, things may get eaten (by the cats) or accidentally shifted (by the wife)." I love that you felt you had to clarify there! LOL

I had long ago decided flesh tearers were to be the BA successor for my multitude crusade marine army. I then decided I was converting my space hulk termies to flesh tearers and I'm slowly gathering flesh tearer forces.

However.. since I had someone paint my SH genestealers, I'm going to have someone paint the SH termies - at which point I've decided to have the same person paint all my flesh tearers stuff - so I don't have any personal tips.

But you should check out Adeptus Malaysia - there's a dude there painting flesh tearers. I will also email you some pics when I get a chance. Good luck bro!

Cawshis Clay said...

@ Tristan
Appreciate the point to Adeptus Malaysia! Going to be following that blog from now on. Thanks!

Would love to see your conversions on the Space Hulk Termies as I'm pretty much planning the same thing!

Tristan said...

I can definitely do some snaps of the termies. They still need some work but all are assembled if not finished being modeled.

Gyro said...

How exciting! It's always a treat to see someone about to embark upon a new project like this, and seeing all the boxes ready to go is cool. Can't wait to see your progress.

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They still need some work but all are assembled if not finished being modeled.