Monday, April 6, 2009

WIP: CF Sternguard

Sternguard WIP

My April Challenge list calls for 6 sternguard. I own the metal set, but I decided to use one of those guards as a Sgt in a tactical squad so that left me with 4 metal SGs. I didn't want to buy another set so I thought I'd try my hand at creating plastic sternguard marines. Kantor Base asked for ideas on converting plastic tacticals into Sternguard, so I felt inspired to try!

The first guard above is simply made. Weemen has a very simple and elegant tutorial on turning bolters into Sternguard bolters. I was pleasantly surprised at how easy it was. And unhappy that I can't seem to find a single scope in any of my bits boxes! I'll need to grub a pair of them from friends before I can paint them!

For the leg band, I cut some thin plasticard into a strip and dabbed a tiny bit of zap-a-gap on one end. I then wrapped the plastic card all the way around the leg adding tiny drops of zap-a-gap (I used a tooth pick to dip and apply) to hold in place. Once I got all the way around, I cut the card and glued the final end on. I'm going to add white glue rivets following Santa Cruz's tutorial and use a pin to make really small ones.
Sternguard WIP

Sternguard WIP
I notice now I forgot to do some clean up on both these minis. I'll get it done while I wait on those scopes. Suggestions are appreciated! I haven't yet glued these guys.


eriochrome said...

I would clip off the dark angels knife holding the skull. I think it makes it less dark angels looking. Just make sure you file the crack through.

The Hammer said...

Nice work on the Sternguard - they look awesome. I'm hoping to sit down this week and actually do some work! Being a grown-up really sucks.

Siph_Horridus said...

Ah Cawshis, finally tracked down your work. Cheers for the mention and good work here, i've added you to our roll so I can keep abreast of your progress.