Friday, April 3, 2009

WIP: CF Command Squad

Crimson Fist Command Squad
I've just finished my command squad and I'm fairly happy with the way they turned out. I wanted to practice some simple conversions and since my Crimson Fists are all about getting them on the tabletop as soon as possible, I'm not super concerned with achieving perfection. They're my practice army.*

All my pics should be clickable for the larger versions!
Powerfist Veteran
Veteran with Power Fist
I wanted this Veteran to look capable of leading a squad or fit into a non-jump pack Vanguard unit, so I gave him some bits from various sets. For the neck-armor, I used index card cut to fit and then sealed it with white glue to stiffen it up. I used this method before with my devastator Sgt., and it worked out pretty well.
WIP,Crimson Fists
Completed Devastator Sgt with Neck-Armor

Storm Shield Veteran
Veteran with deluxe storm shield
For my veteran with a storm shield (who can say no to 3+ invulnerable saves?), I wanted to make a massive tower shield. This veteran uses his shield to protect the squad! I made it out of plastic card the I carefully heated to bend around the shaft of a fat pen. Then I detailed it using index card and a bit from a servo-skull. I think I need to add rivets and maybe something a bit more to really complete the shield. Any ideas?

CF Bannerguard
Bannerman with plastic card.
Again, I wanted to practice with plasticard, so I made this bannerman a piece of groin-armor. It's different thicknesses of plasticard. I plan to paint the hanging bits as scrolls. The banner is pinned on so I can paint it separately (and turn it around for pictures!). I need to add some weight to this guy because he tends to tip over with all that weight on the banner.

CF Champion
Company Champion front

CF Champion
Company Champion back
No major conversions on the company champion except I used a Dark Angels power-mace instead of the sword. I like the mace better from the Crimson Fists...for no good reason. I plan to use the blade as a relic blade for the eventual Honor Guard anyway. I clipped the DA symbol and replaced with Terminator armors. I might add some leg-braces or armor, but I'm undecided on whether he needs more detail or not.

I didn't snap a separate shot of my Apothecary since I really didn't do much with him. He's a standard apothecary model out of the plastic box. I might have used the wrong head though as now that I look at my remaining bits, I see the apothecary head right here. I think I grabbed a captain's head. Makes him slightly different I guess!

Any comments or suggestions would be appreciated. I'll probably be painting the squad over the next week or so.


jabberjabber said...

These guys rock! Seriously, they look great!

Do you plan on having any special additions to the usual Crimson Fist paint scheme in mind to mark them out as the command squad?

King's Standard Bearer said...

company champion is awesome, really nice model.
The neck guards also look great! With regards to what Jabberjabber says, I think they'd look great with different coloured helmets maybe? maybe white! I dunno...
They'll look wicked as a group cos of the banners too.

Cawshis Clay said...

I'm considering adding a red stripe to their helmets. Similar to the old rogue trader crimson fists seen in this image:

But white helms might look cool too. I'm going to try and paint my apothecary white like the old school apothecaries (SMCodex makes the CF one look like they don't sport white anymore!). It'll be a challenge I think!