Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Reader Request Day 1

In my post "Setting up the Battlefield," Col. Corbane requested some more pictures of my terrain in the comments. As I am a slave to my few readers, I'm always happy to oblige a simple request like this!

All of my pieces are pretty much foamcore, cardboard, glue and bits/rubble. I used MDF boards as the base for all of the pieces. Some of the pieces were made using old GW templates that were available for download...while others were made using my own templates.

First up is my very first building...a ruined Cathedral. When designing it, I thought it'd be neat to construct a building that could be broken up on the battlefield if need be:
My second building was a little more complicated, if a bit smaller. As these were my first terrain pieces, I tried new things with each piece. The cathedral was very simply painted, with only a single color (Shadow Grey) as base and then successive lighter dry-brushed highlights.
I tried a two-color paint scheme and used a little bit of cardboard for detailing. I also laid down some flooring using wooden stirrers for detail and painted the rubble using different colors. For my third structure, I went a little crazy, adding in more detail and way too much rubble. I also made the floors a little too small. Only normal troops can stand on them!

You can probably see that the rubble is a little too dense. Regular troopers fall over on it and forget placing a metal model in that'll never keep it's balance! I love this building, but it nearly always gets called "dangerous terrain" in my games.
Here's a work in progress shot:
One more building was made with this "batch" of City Terrain. I wanted to try a different color scheme and settled on a blue/brown scheme. I don't really like it, but I'm really proud of the shape of the building and it looks great on the table...just not the best colors. On this piece, I also added a little bit too much rubble...and the floors are just barely capable of providing enough footing to a large-based unit like a Tau Broadside Suit.

After finishing these buildings, I took a break for a few months to work on finishing up my Tau army (which I never finished). I then decided that I needed 2 more massive buildings and a few smaller rubble piles. I'll post them up next post. I took a few more WIP shots of my 2nd gen buildings, so I'm trying to avoid letting this post get too long. It's also sort of a neat look at how much I've improved in city terrain creation!

Any thoughts, comments, questions or suggestions for new pieces are appreciated! Thanks for looking.


Tristan said...

The two tone colour scheme is pure win. They look super realistic painted up like that. Well done lad.

sovietspace said...

Any one who has the time and dedication to actually make scenery over their army impresses me! Looking forward to seeing the rest of the terrain.

jabberjabber said...

I really like the modular nature of the cathedral - that is can be both a single piece or multiple small ruins is very insightful!

Master Darksol said...

I'm really digging the two-tone. As Tristan said, it's pure win. :)

Admiral Drax said...


I really need to get an airbrush and get to painting more of my terrain.

Then again, I really need to stop enjoying my Easter holiday and start marking those essays...

And I need to find some more money from somewhere.

Keep it up, matey!

- Drax.