Thursday, April 9, 2009

April Challenge: Nearly half over.

With 14 days passed, I thought I'd update interested parties on where I stand. I recently added a color-coded list to my sidebar to keep track of what I'm working on and what I have left to do for April. I maintain the list in Excel normally so that I can review it when ever I paint (I'm a nerd, I know!).

At this point, I have finished the Vanguard and working on detailing up the LRC. I apologize for the lack of pictures, but I haven't had a chance to snap any yet. Busy work week and taking the time to snap a pic seems crazy when I need to paint!

I'll have to admit to being slightly behind where I thought I'd be and a lot of that has to do with being lazy. Many a night instead of painting, I'll watch tv or play World of Warcraft. I'd like to blame work, but I've only worked late a few nights. I'm going to need to step it up if I hope to get 57 painting points this month!

Here's my new battle plan:
Finish Painting LRC
Finish Painting Drop Pods
Flock/Undercoat Command Squad
Paint Command Squad
Assemble Vindicator/Razorback
Undercoat Vindicator/Razorback
Paint Vindicator/Razorback
Assemble Sternguard/Pedro Kantor
Flock/Undercoat Sternguard/Pedro
Paint Sternguard/Pedro

I think knocking out the LRC and the Drop Pods will keep me feeling good about painting (since I'm actually getting this done!). Then moving on to the command squad. I like the rhythm of painting 5-10 troopers then doing a vehicle or two. Then back. I think it prevents me from getting overwhelmed by all the troopers I have waiting for me!

Eek, over at Heroes of Armageddon, created an awesome chart to help track his progress on his Salamander Battle Company. I may have to figure out a way to steal it and post it in the side bar instead of my lame color-coded text box. It's pretty damn cool, so check it out.

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King's Standard Bearer said...

mixing it up like that also helps to keep it from getting repetitive and keeps you motivated!
Hope you find time to get pics up soon!
Craig @ cadian8th