Thursday, April 9, 2009

Painting List and April Challenge Progress

A quick picture-less update.

I've assembled and primed my Crimson Fist Vanguard marines. With these marines, I didn't convert anything, they are straight out of the box as I find converting metal models to usually be kind of intimidating. All the packs and arms are pinned and in the case of the relic-blade equipped marine, I left the arm off until I can get the face painted. I built up somewhat excessive bases (pics to come, I promise), but I couldn't resist making the Vanguard seem ultra-tall.

To paint my vanguard, I simply used my normal marine painting list:
1. Prime blackgesso.
1a. Drybrush Base with Astromican Grey, Fortress Grey, Skull White.
2. Drybrush all armor Mordian Blue
3. Drybrush all armor Ultramarines blue
4. Wash all armor with asurman blue
5. Basecoat scrolls, chest eagles, tabards etc with Astronomicon Grey
6. Basecoat guns, chains, metal bits Chaos Black
7. Highlight Grey with Fortress Grey
8. Wash Grey with Badab Black
9. Drybrush boltgun/chains with Boltgun metal
10. Drybrush bling with Shining Gold
11. Highlight Grey with Skull White
12. Highlight bling with Mithril Silver
13. Wash bling with Devlan Mud
14. Wash Bolters/Chains with Badab Black
15. Paint Fists, Seals w/ Mecharite Red
16. Wash red with Devlan Mud
17. Highlight with Blood Red
18. Eyes, jade, ivy w/ Dark Angels Green
19. Highlight with Goblin Green
20. Highlight with Scorpion Green

Creating a painting list helps me stay focused and it turns painting into a simple paint by the numbers recipe. One thing that always happened to me before I started using painting lists was that I'd constantly have to go back and open a color I used the day before cause I missed a spot. Then I'd notice on a different model I missed another spot in a different color and so on. By following a list, I now take the time to check the the entire squad before I move on to the next step. It also makes touch ups easy too since I know what colors I used and at what step I paused to do touch ups at.

Another nifty side effect of having a list is clean-up/storage of my painting kit (I should put this up at some point). Since I live in a tiny apartment, I need to make sure I can set up to paint and clean up quickly before I go to bed. My painting kit is easy to assemble and transport when I have the recipe in hand. I bring it out to the coffee table, paint and put it away when I'm done!

Right now, I stopped my Vanguard at step 8. Tonight I hope to do the rest OR I'll finish basing my command squad. I might also decide to assemble my vindicator or the rest of my sternguard. Depends on what my mood is tonight. I'll try to get up pics of my WIP: Vanguard tonight or tomorrow!


jabberjabber said...

I try to drybrush the bolters and other metallic areas first due to an unsteady hand!

I then go on to do the main armour bits and pay particular attention to the hands (which undoubtably got a little metallic drybrushed) to cover up any drybrush over spill. It saves a little bit of work on the touching up :)

Cawshis Clay said...

Hmm. I may consider that change. I actually paint my bolters (not drybrush) as you might tell from my Fist pictures...I then wash 'em with Badab Black to tone down the shine.

King's Standard Bearer said...

You could try using greys instead of metallic paints also. Iv just started trying this technique as you'll see on my Jerran Kell model. Im not that advanced at it yet but I feel like Im getting there. Check out in the gallery for some idea of what I'll be trying to achieve! they are awesome
Craig @ cadian8th