Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Crimson Fist Veteran Sgt

I finally finished my Crimson Fist Sgt.  I originally planned his construction and look for my Command Squad I posted ages ago.  I didn't think it would take so long to paint him at the time (I even tried to get him done by the end of May...but work conspired against me!).  Anyways, I finally completed him!  For the too lazy to click on my link, here's the pic of the Sgt pre-paint job.  Bits from various sets and I used cuts from index card to make the neck armor.  To harden the card, I brushed on a light layer of crazy glue.  Really stiffened it up!

For painting him, I used my standard Crimson Fist colors:
Mordian Blue Drybrush over Black Gesso
Ultramarine+Mordian drybrush to highlight
Straight Ultramarine for highlight.
Extreme highlight = Ultramarine+White
Mecharite Red Fists w/ Badab Black Wash in recesses/Baal Red wash on higher parts.

I quartered the shoulder icon...I'm going to have a few units with this quartered icon somewhere on them to represent their having fought with Black Templars. I plan to have a green half badge on my Sternguard to represent veterans of Rynn's World. I know the Fists don't cotton to elaborate badges and icons, so I'm hoping to keep it simple.

I'm gathering up the courage to try and freehand a design on the Banner, though in looking at this picture, I think I might have to clean up the highlight/lowlight colors. It's pretty stark how fast it goes from white-grey-dark grey! I also forgot to detail up the Purity Seals. Tiny things you don't see until you actually post the picture!

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Tristan said...

I like the quartered shield. I did something kinda similar recently on my CF termies before giving them a coat of varnish. I'll try to get some pics up, but it's basically their journey through companies & squad types (denoted by symbol & colour). Yea it doesn't match how the "codex" says they progress but I wanted something to spice them up.

I do agree the banner looks a little stark, but the rest of the mini looks fantastic mate.