Saturday, November 7, 2009

ANFSCD*: Lord Hawthorne

As mentioned before, I burnt out for a short while and decided to pick up and paint a few Descent Adventurers instead of power armored Marines.  Today, I'll be showing Lord Hawthorne!

In our Road to Legends campaign, Lord Hawthorne is a beast.  Essentially he's our tank, dps and crowd controller on every level of the dungeon.  Part of it is because we've pooled out efforts to gearing him out...and the other part is because his player loves to knock dungeon heads.

The joy of painting these Descent figures was the lack of any pressure to perform.  I simply looked at the card, chose some colors and got to painting.  Any painter can pick out the colors I used...mecharite red, chainmail, badab black washes, etc etc.  I started with a black gesso and used foundation paints to get the colors started.  For the tabard bit, I tried Grey with just a green wash.  I like the way it came out...very light colored cloth!

Front View 

Back View

I didn't make him as shiny as his picture though...these guys are dungeon crawlers, so I washed him with devlan mud to get him a bit dirty on the edges.  I've got 2 more coming.  Does anyone out there play Descent?  Or Dungeons and Dragons (for the original dungeon crawling game!)?

Lord Hawthorne will pillage your dungeon! 

*And Now For Something Completely Different: A sporadic post about my exploits outside the WH40K hobby.  I paint and play with other minis too!

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