Sunday, November 8, 2009

ANFSCD*: Silouette

In my continuing series of ANFSCD posts, I bring you Silouette!  She's the rogue in our group, armed with a bow that she has come to use with great effect!

One of the neat aspects of the Descent: JitD Road to Legend expansion is the customization you can really put on your character.  In the normal play version, you'd draw your abilities and play them out.  In the RtL version, you start with a single ability, but then you can choose to buy your next few.  Which means you can really tailor your character to do some ridiculous stuff.  As is the case of Silouette here!  As an archer, she has the ability to re-roll misses, draw LOS from a hex away and ignore the first LOS blocking terrain in her way...along with this, she has two kinds of for killing normal mobs and another that pierces the strongest armors.  She's become a beast nearly as strong as Lord Hawthorne!

It wasn't always that way though.  She started off very weak basically pinging anything tougher than a beastman for 1 point.  I don't know if that was fun for her player, but I know it isn't fun for me (now that I'm the weak link in the party).  So as a party, we invested in her gear and abilities and now she essentially carries the group.  That and we're all having much more fun!

Anyway, here is the finished shot of her:

In the pits, she grew strong!

I'm most proud of the trim on her leather tunic. It matches the picture and doesn't look sloppy.  I'm going to be posting Andira Runehand soon who has similar trim on her armor and I didn't really pull it off.  But on Silo...I totally nailed it.

I also wanted to try freehanding a tattoo to match the picture.  It was much easier than I thought it would be and I'm kind of glad I tried:

It's not a perfect match, but for tabletop play, it's close enough! For a night's work painting (After painting 3 other ones in as many nights), I'm fairly happy with the results!

*And Now For Something Completely Different: A sporadic post about my exploits outside the WH40K hobby.  I paint and play with other minis too!


Warhammer39999 said...

I didn't know people actually painted the models from Descent. I dabbled on a few models (the ork with a hook-hand, and a couple of mages in failed attempts at OSL).

This gal looks good though. Have you painted up the monsters as well?

Cawshis Clay said...

I have not painted anything else actually! I plan to eventually get more painted...but for these guys I just wanted to paint our Road to Legend campaign characters. Eventually I'll get around to other models...prolly to take a break from Power Armors and Power Swords!