Saturday, October 24, 2009

Crimson Fist Land Raider

Finally going to put up some pics of my Land Raider Crusader. This is the older Mark I model...with the metal hurricane bolters. Let me tell you...they were a pain in the butt to assemble. It's fairly standard Crimson Fist colors and not much detail. Unfortunately, many of the transfers I applied came off in I need to reapply (and get some of the Microsol suggested earlier). I've been practicing my freehand...but it still looks a bit unrefined, so I'll be continuing to use transfers until I can get the Crimson Fist to look nifty.

Can't really see here, but I did paint the interior. More drybrushed the interior up from black to a dirty-white color. I hoped using a lighter color would make it easier to see inside, but you really can't see. I did magnetize the door so it would seal shut when I closed it. I didn't like how it was always partly-open on the battlefield. Brother Whinicus would probably complain about the breeze blowing up his Terminator skirt or something. It opens and shuts now with a satisfying snap! For the Fists to rebuild, every Marine has to be a Fist first and Machine-God acolyte second! To reflect this, all my Crimson Fist Adeptus Mechanicus marines will be sporting the Fists colors and only their shoulderpad will have the Mechanicus colors. In this marine's case, he's working the Meltagun. Love that Multi-melta...especially with the Machine Spirit rules allowing it to shoot pretty much no matter how much I move.
I love the Crusader and it has seen combat against Eldar, Orks and Marine with great effect. Not only does it absorb an absurd amount of shots, it carries my Fists right into the thick of it fairly safely. For my upcoming planetstrike battle, I'm going to stuff it full of a Command Squad and a Librarian on the defense as a counterassault force and with Sternguard for an Attacker Force. Planetstrike post coming soon!
Eventually, I'm going to name her (taking suggestions...should be Spanish-esque!) and add in more banners, but for now she's battle ready!


Admiral Drax said...

Very nice!

Tristan said...

Looks great buddy, did you use microsol/set for the decals?

AaronB said...

I admit that I'd like to see some more red on the vehicle. Maybe on the sponson's outer "shield" or the doors. Just a thought.