Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Planetstrike: Crimson Fist Attacker Edition

Are folks out there playing the Planetstrike? I'm not seeing as much buzz around it...though I guess much discussion time was swallowed by the Jaws of the Wolf and Tyranid rumours. In a few weeks, I'm having some friends over to play Planetstrike on my new table and I'm in the process of finalizing 2 lists...depending on who plays attacker and who plays defender.

Here's my thoughts on an 1850 Invasion Force (Sword of Dorn Formation):
Wave 1:
Librarian Epistolary (Force Axe, Bolt Pistol)

Sternguard, Combi-Melta, Power Fist
Land Raider Crusader

Wave 2:
Ironclad Dreadnaught SH+CCW+Melta w/ Drop Pod+Beacon
10 Tacticals w/ Meltagun, ML, Power Fist, Drop Pod+Beacon
10 Tacticals w/ Meltagun, ML, Drop Pod+Beacon

Wave 3:
5 Terminators w/ Chainfist
Captain w/ Jump Pack, Power Sword, Melta Bomb
5 Assault Marines w/ Powerfist, Flamer, Melta Bomb
5 Scouts w/ Melta Bomb w/ Landspeeder Storm+Multimelta

The Sword of Dorn is all about hitting hard, fast and often! The Librarian is fielded with the Sternguard inside the Crusader. This gives me a solid core of shock troops that can hopefully burst through a line. I haven't decided on the powers for my Librarian yet, but most likely it'll be assaulty-powers and maybe the Gate. I chose an LRC over a Redeemer as that's what I have built and painted. I doubt I'll get the Redeemer done by the game. Next time though!

The Drop Pods will drop in a good sized cluster or spread out depending on the terrain set up with the Tacticals devoted to busting up vehicles or bastions. Once they are situated, the squads will then provide fire support for the next wave of assault elements: Jump Packers and Terminators. With all the power fists and meltas, I'm thinking Bastions aren't going to last long and any vehicles still around are going to get devastated. The Jump Packers and Storm also have the added benefit of being able to seize objectives on the last turn if needed. Though I'm hoping my Tacticals can hold enough objectives or the enemy has been routed!

With Planetstrike allowing assaults after Deep Strike, I'm figuring I'll have pretty much all my troops deep striking and then use the beacons to guide them in for the kill. For folks who've argued rules, I wonder how they feel about Drop Pod assaults or Landspeeder Storm assaults…my opinion is that the "deep strike" ability of the transports are conferred to the units within. So if I wanted, my Tacticals could assault after a deep strike. But that might be pushing it (and also unbalancing for the defenders maybe?). We'll see how it plays out in play.

What do folks think?

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