Saturday, February 28, 2009

Opening Salvo

Inspired by the awesome work so many fellow 40k hobbyists are putting up on the web, I thought I'd carve out my own space and join them!

In the coming days, I'll start posting my various projects up for some to enjoy and others to laugh at. Hopefully, it'll encourage me to get more models done and to meet some other folks struggling to get our miniatures just right! As a bonus, maybe I'll actually get better at painting models. Right now, I've become pretty content with painted-for-the-table!

To begin with, I'm going to post a shot of my Crimson Fist HQs! I've just begun collecting a Crimson Fist army...I have about 1700 points painted, mainly in Tactical units and Dreadnaughts. Expect pictures of them to act as filler!

As most collectors already noticed, he's a straight unaltered Black Reach Captain. Painted him very simply...Mordian Blue-Ultramarine armor, Adeptus Battlegrey-Fortress Grey-Skull White for the cloak. The red is Mecharite Red. Some various colors for details. I did use the washes (Badab Black mainly) to deepen the shadows. It's no golden demon, but I'm proud of him!

The power sword was my first attempt at electrical highlights. I used the same method on my Terminator Captain below. I painted him using the same basic colors as my captain, but I think I did a slightly better job.
Hopefully I'll get brave enough to start doing some conversions on these standard minis!


natsirtm said...

Really like your power swords dude - keep up the good work!

Cawshis Clay said...

Thanks natsirtm! I'm rather proud of them since they were my first attempt at that sort of pattern.

Admiral Drax said...

Welcome aboard, mate - and if it's any help, I've found that blogging really does inspire me to get painting projects done.

I like the style of your minis, too!

- Drax